Tony Lazarowicz
Tony Lazarowicz

A Message from the President

I want to provide a quick update to everyone on things happening within UAAD. Please be sure to read through the rest of the newsletter as there is a lot of important opportunities coming up in the next few weeks.

• The N2025 Strategy Team has started our meetings. We will have 3 more meetings to lay out top-priority areas to look for implementation in the next 5 years. Feel free to read through the report of the N150 Commission at and if there are any particular points you feel strongly about, let me know.

• You will see a call for nominations later for leadership positions within UAAD. This is a great way to serve the university staff while building your own personal leadership skills and networking with great colleagues throughout the university. The average commitment is a few hours per month. There is some information regarding each of the positions at as well as written within the bylaws (

• Lastly, please note that the executive team had a conversation at our last meeting regarding emailing and communicating with you. We try our best to streamline messaging within the regular bi-weekly newsletters. That said, there are some events and announcements that make sense to send as separate e-mails or as additional reminders beyond the regular messages. Please know that our goal is to ensure that all members stay regularly informed of the opportunities we are providing.

Thanks for all you do to make Nebraska a great place to be at. Have a great rest of the week.


Founders’ Day: The last day to register is tomorrow, March 14


Wednesday, March 20, 2019
11:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Colonial Room, Nebraska Union
Keynote Speaker: Diane Mendenhall, Associate to the Chancellor for External Engagement

During the event, we will present the Carl A. Donaldson and Floyd S. Oldt Awards. These awards recognize two employees for outstanding management skills and exceptional service at the university. We look forward each year to the Founders’ Day luncheon, as it is a time when we recognize several deserving employees and celebrate the significant contributions we all make as part of the university community.

Attendees may purchase a buffet meal for $10 or bring their own lunch. The buffet meal includes cheesy potato soup with assorted sandwiches including ham, roast beef, turkey, and garden veggie plus individual bags of chips, a drink, and dessert.

Questions? Contact Brooke Goedert,


Nominate Someone or Yourself for the Chancellor’s Environment, Sustainability and Resilience Commission

Are you looking for a way to give back to the university community? Are you passionate about sustainability and socially responsible economic decision-making? Nominate yourself or someone to serve on the restructured commission. As you know, UAAD prides itself on opportunities for professional development, networking and leadership, but also in connecting members to opportunities to provide a voice to leadership on important topics. Please consider this as an opportunity to represent staff members in an important and ongoing dialogue throughout campus. Deadline for nominations is Friday, March 15th. More information is available at


Power Hour - Unlocking Success through the Five-Minute Favor

Date: Mar. 27, 2019 Time: 12:00 pm–1:00 pm
Recreation & Wellness Center Room: 110
1717 N 35th St (East Campus)
Contact: Deb Eisloeffel, 402-472-5009,

Adam Grant, Wharton School of Business expert and author of Give and Take, tells us that being a Giver can not only make you the most successful person in the office, it can make you happier in life. Givers succeed because they have stronger networks and they inspire highly collaborative teams. Learn the benefits of being a Giver rather than a Matcher or a Taker, identify your own Giver Super Powers, and learn how to avoid Giver burnout. Participants will experience the simple Giver’s tool—the Five Minute Favor—by participating in a live Reciprocity Ring.

Free for UAAD members; $5 for nonmembers.

Presented by Deb Eisloeffel, HR Manager, College of Business.

Register at


Membership renewals for 2019-20 begin April 1st

The renewal period for UAAD memberships begins April 1st!

Renew your memberships online at

Please encourage new employees to join UAAD as they get one full year of free membership!

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