Tony Lazarowicz
Tony Lazarowicz

News from the President

Thanks to all of you who attended the UAAD/UNOPA joint meeting yesterday. There was a great turn-out and a great opportunity to hear Dr. Donde Plowman and Dr. Marco Barker speak on leadership, their positions, and the future of our institution. We are finalizing responses from the nominees for positions. We hope to begin the election process soon. I continue to represent UAAD as a voice for staff member on the N2025 Strategy Committee. This is the 2nd group in conjunction with the N150 commission that is identifying key strategies that can be implemented on campus over the next 5 years connected to the 4 core aspirations. If you have specific feedback, feel free to share that with me.

There are still a number of events that will be happening throughout the year. We’ll have the UAAD End-of-the-Year Picnic on May 15th. The location is still being finalized, so be watching your e-mail for more details. Lastly, as I have continued to say throughout the year: thanks for being part of UAAD. Thanks for taking the initiative to grow professionally and be involved with professional development, leadership and networking on campus. Thanks for making UNL a great place to work. Please consider finding ways to get more involved and help shape UAAD into the best professional development, networking and leadership opportunity for you and this campus. As Mahatma Gandhi so eloquently pointed out: “ Be the chance you wish to see in the world.” Have a great week.


Donations for Food Bank of Lincoln

April 8 thru May 9
School Food Market and Pantries donation opportunity

Did you know?
- 46% of LPS students qualify for the Free/Reduced Lunch program
- 2,345 students served monthly by School Food Markets & School Pantries
- This part of the Food Bank of Lincoln Child Hunger Program gives families the opportunity to select food based on needs

You can help fight childhood hunger in Lincoln.

UAAD Members, please donate from these items:
- Canned foods (vegetables, fruits, soups, stews, tuna)
- Boxed non-perishable foods (mac & cheese, low-sugar whole grain cereal)
- Healthy snacks (granola bars, peanut butter, dried fruit)

Drop-off Donations: Kelcey Buck (304B Barkley Memorial Center, east campus) or Stephanie Vendetti (251 Avery Hall, city campus).

More details at:
Originally published April 10, 2019 - Submit an Item