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Midwest Big Data Hub
Midwest Big Data Hub

Big Data Hubs and Spokes from across the country met with representatives from government and industry in Washington D.C. in March to discuss current research, identify major challenges, and discuss promising directions for future studies of big data research.

The three-day workshop brought together key stakeholders in NSF's Big Data programs in areas of Environment and Energy, Economy and Finance, Improving Education, Big Data and Policy and Health.

Midwest spoke members, Grant McGimpsey, University of North Dakota and Joe Colletti, Iowa State University, presented Digital Agriculture - Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Plant Sciences & Education.

The Digital Agriculture Spoke was created to organize academic, industrial, and governmental sectors around the development of policies and best practices for data science and Big Data applications in agriculture, with a particular focus on automating the Big Data lifecycle for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and for plant sciences, phenomics, and genomics.

The project focuses on two knowledge domains important to agriculture, UAS, and Plant Sciences and is designed to improve the management, accessibility, automation, and value of the lifecycle for data that are generated by multiple, high-throughput sensor and measurement platforms in contexts related to agriculture and agriculture production. Best practices for transport, storage, dissemination, and analysis of Big Data will be translatable and scalable to other areas such as farm management systems and precision agriculture, and will enable the access to and use of valuable data assets related to UAS and plant sciences, thereby accelerating progress toward sustainable agricultural production.

For more information on the event, visit https://www.bi.vt.edu/nsf-big-data