Random Selection: Christine Henningson

CH & Family
CH & Family

Name: Christine Henningsen
Job Title: Project Director, Nebraska Youth Advocates

Where do you hail from:
Omaha aka The ‘ha

What is it they say you do:
The website says we are “dedicated to giving juvenile defense attorneys the tools necessary to advocate zealously on behalf of their clients.”

Who are your early influences/who inspired you most:
I am the youngest of seven children and all of my family has been a source of inspiration to me. We are all very different, but a testament that despite differences love can prevail. My mother is one of the most thoughtful and compassionate people in the world, and my father who is also a lawyer showed me how linked the legal profession and service to the public can be.

What has been your greatest source of career satisfaction/ proudest achievement:
Creating the grant proposal and being awarded the grant for Nebraska Youth Advocates. After returning from maternity leave and finding out that the Court Improvement Project (CIP) would be leaving CCFL and going to the judicial branch, I really had to pull up my bootstraps and create what has really been my dream job. I am so thankful to everyone at CCFL who helped in the creation and support of this endeavor.

What has been an unexpected detour/ greatest frustration/disappointment:
The move of CIP to the judicial branch was unexpected and frustrating, however, it created an opportunity to move forward in my career goals. As a public defender, we were always losing motions and cases, but that never meant that we gave up the fight.

Family life/hobbies /community involvement:
My husband, Josh, and I have three children: Mabel (8), Oliver (5) and Isaac (2). We are both attorneys and Josh is currently running for State Legislature to represent District 8. I am on the volunteer guild for the Women’s Center for Advancement in Omaha and I am also on the Volunteer Staff for Launch Leadership.

The quotation I live my life by is......
”Remember, Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. I will be hoping that this letter finds you, and finds you well.” –The Shawshank Redemption