2013 Holiday Closing Dates

UNL will be closed, Monday, December 23, 2013 through Wednesday, January 1, 2014, except for essential designated operations.

Below is a schedule of how the hours will be entered on your timesheet

Regular and Temporary Employees Eligible for Holiday/Floating Holiday Leave

Holiday Closing Dates & Posting Determination
Dec 23 and 24 -- Floating Hol, Vac or Leave w/o Pay
Dec 25 -- Holiday
Dec 26 and 27 -- Floating HOL, VAC or Leave w/o Pay
Dec 30 and 31 -- Vacation or Leave w/o Pay
Jan 1 -- Holiday
Jan 2 -- Return to work

Reminder to leave eligible Faculty and Staff, you will NOT need to request the hours for this closedown period using Firefly/ESS Leave Request process. If Supervisors receive a request for these hours, we ask that you decline the request. The UNL and IANR Payroll offices will automatically upload these hours for our employees.

After the Floating Holiday and Vacation hours have been uploaded, the CEHS Business Center will receive an edit report and will be contacting supervisors and employees that do not have enough hours to cover the closedown period.

Regular and Leave Eligible Temporary Employees are eligible for holiday, floating holiday and vacation leave. If you are a Temporary Employee hired after April 19, 2013, please check with your supervisor or CEHS HR Business Center representative to determine if you are leave eligible.

If an employee decides to be gone January 2 and/or 3, 2014, they will need to use Firefly/ESS Leave Request process.

For any questions, please contact Tammie Herrington (therrington1@unl.edu), Lynette Windhorst (lwindhorst2@unl.edu) or Cindy Schuerman (cschuerman1@unl.edu).