Learning by Design series kicks off this week

Student learning and success in a course are affected by instructional decisions that take place well before the first day of class. Careful planning and attention to a course's design can both facilitate student learning as well as make teaching fulfilling and more satisfying.

The Engineering and Computing Education Core (ECEC) Learning by Design program is for faculty who are preparing to teach a new course for the first time and/or who want to re-think or re-envision - in small or big ways - a course that they already have taught. Participants in the program will learn about fundamental course design principles and apply them to the design of a new course or the partial/full re-design of an existing course.

During Spring semester, the program will meet six times each on both Scott Campus (Omaha, Wednesdays) and City Campus (Lincoln, Fridays) except for the week of Spring Break - March 15 and 17. Necessary books and lunch will be provided for those who register.

For information about the subjects covered in each weekly session or to register, click the link below. Contact Tareq Daher at tareq.daher@unl.edu or (402) 472-4761 with questions.

More details at: https://engineering.unl.edu/ecec/registration/