Become an Initialize CS Education Fellow


Initialize UNL has paid and volunteer positions to organize and facilitate computer science and computational thinking programs for local and regional disadvantaged youth. As an Initialize CS Education Fellow, students will mentor, organize, develop, and facilitate computer science-related activities with Initialize's existing initiatives, which includes Lincoln Robotics League for Title I Middle Schools, Youth Entrepreneurship Clinics (A Senior Design for high school students), Coding and Coffee, STEMentors, Creative Coding and more.

Initialize highly values its college student members. The group wishes to provide all fellows with unique experiences that develop their professional skills through meaningful service opportunities that fill large gaps in youth computer science and STEM education in the surrounding community.

In addition to professional development, involvement in an interdisciplinary peer community of movers and shakers, and several great lines on your resume, Initialize can compensate its CS Education Fellows with $10/hour for our paid fellows and volunteer packages for our volunteers.

If you are interested in being considered for any of the Initialize CS Education Fellow positions (paid or volunteer), get more details or complete the application here: