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Learning Assistant Program
Learning Assistant Program

The School of Computing Learning Assistant Program (LAP) strives to improve student comprehension and retention in computing courses by focusing on the learner’s experience.

This position is for the role of Senior Leader (SL) in the Spring 2022 semester. SL responsibilities may begin prior to the beginning of the Spring 2022 semester.

Senior Leaders are experienced, undergraduate members of the program who work with Faculty Coordinators to maintain and improve the program. They are responsible for much of the day-to-day administration of the program, as well as training and recruitment of Learning Assistants (LAs).

Listed below are some common (but not wholly inclusive) responsibilities of a Senior Leader:
- Coordinating with teaching support staff including course instructors and other professors
- Attending regular meetings
- Recruitment and interviewing of Learning Assistants
- Documentation and maintenance of policies
- Overseeing and/or running workshop training for Learning Assistants
- Conducting evaluations for the program
- Finding pain points in the program and improving upon them

Preferred qualifications for this position:
- Previous experience with the Learning Assistant Program
- Graduation date of December 2023 or later (rising Juniors)
- Strong, demonstrated leadership and communication skills
- Grade of B or higher in at least one of the courses supported by the LA Program (CSCE 101, CSCE 155E, CSCE 155H, CSCE 155N, CSCE 156, CSCE 156H)

Applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis with interviews offered to promising candidates.

New Senior Leaders will complete SL onboarding (detailed upon acceptance of the position) before assuming full Senior Leader responsibilities.

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