Participate in SERESL Lab eye tracking study

Participate in a research study with the SERES Lab.
Participate in a research study with the SERES Lab.

You're invited to participate in a research study conducted by Dr. Bonita Sharif’s Software Engineering Research and Empirical Studies Lab at the School of Computing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

This study is designed to assess how developers perform code traversals during manual inspection of static analysis alarms in C code using eye tracking. The result of this study will help us improve the static analysis tools and explore comprehension patterns in developers.

We are looking for programmers who are willing to participate in the eye tracking study. The study will be conducted in the eye tracking lab in Schorr Center in Lincoln, and only one visit is required. It typically takes the participants around two hours to complete the study. If you decide to participate, you will be asked to complete two questionnaires, some programming tasks, and some cognitive tasks. The study is open to people with programming experience (preferably with experience in C programming) who are 19 years old or older. You will receive a $25 Amazon gift card upon completing the study.

Please sign up using the survey on this link and the graduate student researcher will contact you for scheduling the study:

If you are interested in learning more about the study, please contact the graduate researcher Ms. Niloofar Mansoor at, or Dr. Bonita Sharif at If you know someone who might be interested in participating in the study, please feel free to forward this announcement to them.

This research study is approved by the Institutional Review Board of UNL (IRB approval number: 20201019657EX). Your participation would be greatly appreciated.

More details at: