A Good Summer for CSE: 3.5 Million in New Research Funding

Avery Hall
Avery Hall

UNL CSE research programs have seen a steady and significant expansion within the past several years. In 2006 the department expended more than $2.2 million on research and that number rose to slightly more than $4.2 million in 2012.

The summer of 2013 continued CSE's strong forward momentum with a number of exciting new projects that leverage our strengths in sensor networking, software engineering, high-performance computing, and robotics. These projects also demonstrate the increasing interdisciplinary role of computing research by involving collaborators from multiple institutions including Yarmouk University in Jordan, University of California, Berkeley, University of Washington, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Delaware, and Oregon State, as well as working with fields such as journalism, water sciences, biological systems engineering, and agronomy.

New projects starting in the summer of 2013, and the CSE faculty and staff involve, include:

$500,000, CAREER: Conflict Minimization in Distributed Software Development, National Science Foundation, Dr. Anita Sarma

$300,000, CyberSEES: Type 1: Improving Crop Production Efficiency using Wireless Underground Sensor-Guided Irrigation Systems, National Science Foundation, Dr. Mehmet Vuran

$247,000, Wise-Irr: Smart Irrigation via Wireless Underground Sensors, National Science Foundation/Nebraska Department of Economic Development-Small Business Innovation Research, Dr. Mehmet Vuran, Xin Dong

$857,000, "HCC: Variations to Support Exploratory Programming", National Science Foundation, Dr. Anita Sarma and Dr. Gregg Rothermel

$956,000, "Co-Aerial-Ecologist: Robotic Water Sampling and Sensing in the Wild",
United States Department of Agriculture, Dr. Carrick Detweiler and Dr. Sebastian Elbaum

$491,000, "CC-NIE Networking Infrastructure: Accelerating Science for Nebraska", National Science Foundation, Dr. David Swanson, Dr. Brian Bockelman, and Dr. Byrav Ramamurthy

$57,000, "Race Vulnerability Study and Hybrid Race Detection", National Security Agency/Army Research Office, Dr. Witty Srisa-an and Dr. Matthew Dwyer

$118,000, "CIVL: A Concurrency Intermediate Verification Language", National Science Foundation, Dr. Matthew Dwyer

Dr. Vuran also received a highly competitive United States Agency International Development/National Science Foundation PEER award for the collaborative research project “Optimizing water usage of irrigation systems using wireless sensor networks in Jordan”; with this type of USAID funding all of the resources will go to research collaborator, Dr. Samer Samarah, Yarmouk University, Jordan