Job Opening

Master Medical Network Job Opening
Master Medical Network Job Opening

Wanted: Computer science major with linear algebra skills for a maximum 6 month project working part time for a startup business.

Project: Build a robot prototype database system comprising patented solutions for managing health care practitioners, medical events and outcomes. Primary focus and context for development is to the provision of remote health care services within networks. This project has applications ranging from everyday aspects of managing health care to disaster planning, response and mitigation.

Minimum Requirements:
-Experience with building and managing a SQL database such as Microsoft Access or Oracle
-Strong programming skills-preferably two of the following: Python, Perl, VBA, C, C++
-Appreciation for issues of User Interface design
-A fearless relationship with Excel, an indispensable tool for moving data around, and ad hoc manipulations
-An appreciation of deadlines, and the habit of following through on commitments
-Website savvy and be capable of integrating project work to same
-Computer capable of supporting the development

Compensation and Other: Compensation is consistent with University published ranges for skill and academic level. The work is part time with hours flexible to known and unknown academic demands in relation to contracted upon developmental timelines and modular objectives to realize the project.

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