Mathematics offers three online courses this spring

The UNL Department of Mathematics is a national leader with respect to offering opportunities for professional growth for math teachers. For the Spring 2022 semester, the department is offering three online courses that have been designed with teachers and the work they do teaching mathematics in mind, including the popular new course Math 893: History of Mathematics.

Registration is now open! The spring semester starts Tuesday, January 18, 2022. If you have taken a course in the past year at UNL, use the instructions here for how to enroll in MyRED: If it has been longer than three semesters, please email Lindsay Augustyn at for further instructions.

Over the past 15 years, more than 450 math teachers have earned their master’s degree, making UNL a true leader with respect to providing opportunities for mathematics teachers.

#1 - Math 893, section 701: History of Mathematics for Teachers
Class Number for Registration: 5193
Instructor: Dr. Michelle Homp, UNL (tentative)

This course will study mathematical topics and their development over time. The purpose is to convey that mathematical concepts, as we know and teach them, did not suddenly spring to life, but are the culmination of smaller discoveries and inventions that sometimes required centuries to assemble. This process of creating and discovering new mathematics happens every day.

#2 - Math 805T, section 700: Discrete Mathematics
Class Number for Registration: 19994
Instructor: Dr. Christine Kelley, UNL

Designed to deepen knowledge of discrete mathematics as it relates to topics covered in middle through high school curricula. Course topics (such as graph theory and counting techniques) are introduced through “hands-on” explorations through which various problem-solving strategies are emphasized.

#3 - Math 814T, section 700: Linear Algebra for Teachers
Class Number for Registration: 20666
Instructor: TBD
Concepts of linear algebra form key connections between much of what underlies the H.S. math curriculum and advanced mathematical topics and real-world applications. This course studies the relationships between linear equations, linear transformations and the geometry of lines and planes, along with their behavior and practical applications.

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Note: The Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education is offering TEAC 880E: Teaching with Technology: Instructional Technology in Mathematics this spring online as well with Dr. Amanda Thomas. The section number is 700 and the Class Nbr is 9952.