Williams College math camps have UNL connection


Reuben Kaufman, a graduate student in the UNL math department, will be the assistant director of two summer camps for high schoolers at Williams College. Both camps are great opportunities for students who might be interested in studying math in college.

The first is PZMC (formerly Williams College Math Camp), a 10-day residential summer camp for mathematically gifted high school students in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Held June 27-July 6, the camp’s goals are to introduce mathematically talented students to challenging high-level mathematics not present in a high school curriculum and to inspire them to more deeply engage with mathematics. The Williams campus, which hosts SMALL, one of the largest math REU programs in the country, offers a unique and vibrant summer community for PZMC campers. By introducing students to mathematical discovery and proof within a fun and supportive academic community, PZMC gives students a sense of the research and discovery process and improves their ability to think logically and analytically—skills that will help them in all areas of academics, not just mathematics.

The second is College Prep Bootcamp, a one-week residential camp at Williams College from July 11-15, designed to give you a glimpse into what college life entails, and teach you how to make your college experience as successful as possible! Taught by a Williams College math professor, PZ College Prep Bootcamp encompasses all aspects of college preparedness and success. We will get to know our fellow bootcampers, exercise and strengthen our executive functioning skills, learn how to think more logically and communicate more effectively, identify ways to self-motivate and self-regulate, as well as, learn how to seamlessly put all of these skills and experiences together into one package–a happy and successful college student: you!

Editor's Note: We learned of these opportunities late, so please check with the camps if they are still taking applications.