AMTE/NCTM book club starts Aug. 1

Fall 2023 NCTM article discussions
Fall 2023 NCTM article discussions

AMTE is proud to collaborate with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) in promoting and supporting the MTLT Journal Club. Please note the three opportunities described below.

The next MTLT Journal Club meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 1, at 6 p.m. Central. Attendees will discuss the article, “Rough-Draft Talk in Mathematics Classrooms,” written by Amanda Jansen, Brandy Cooper, Stefanie Vascellaro, and Philip Wandless. This article was originally published in Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School. Registration is required:

AMTE members are invited to join the Journal Club meeting on Aug. 1 about 30 minutes early to learn more about the Journal Club, gain insights into how these meetings might be used in your work as a mathematics teacher educator, and provide feedback on how to enhance the meeting experience for attendees. This flyer provides additional information:

Finally, the programming for the fall semester is available for you to consider as you are planning your fall classes. See the photo for more info.

All articles discussed in the MTLT Journal Club are made freely available to members and non-members.

Questions related to this can be directed to the MTLT Department Editors, Candies Cook ( and Wendy Cleaves (