400 teachers participate in summer programs

Math 804T in Grand Island
Math 804T in Grand Island

This summer, 400 distinct teachers took a course through the Nebraska Math and Science Summer Institutes or other NebraskaMATH programs for a total of 733 registrations. We thank all of you for your support of our programs and hope that you will continue your graduate education with us.

For those of you who have taken several courses, if a master's degree is part of your future plans, you should "declare a major" and formally apply to UNL Graduate Studies. Most primary teachers prefer the MA degree offered by the Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education: http://cehs.unl.edu/tlte/graduate/masters/mastersprocess.shtml. Middle and secondary teachers can choose between the MAT offered by the Department of Mathematics and the MA from TLTE: http://scimath.unl.edu/csmce/mastersdegreeinfo.php.

Check out our slideshow of pictures from locations across the state: http://scimath.unl.edu/nmssi/2013. Also, if you took a course this summer, be on the lookout for an email from us with a link to the end-of-course evaluation. We appreciate your feedback now that you’ve had time to digest all of the information you learned!

Here is what teachers had to say about their experiences this summer:

"The presentation and analysis of the problems in class is fantastic. I have done a few activities like this in my classroom before, and I would like to do more." TEAC 892 in Lincoln (with Jerel Welker)

"Seeing the number line on the floor to show negative numbers will be something I will use in my classroom so the kids can physically move positive and negative." MATH 803P in Columbus

"Something small that stands out for me was having students write a sentence explaining their results – being able to explain what it means." MATH 804T in Grand Island

"It was great to work on problems together – I don’t think I could have done it on my own." MATH 807T in Holdrege

"Math is not always about numbers. It is just as important to be able to read and write about data collected and your finding. What does your answer really mean?" TEAC 892 Statistics in Lincoln