MATH 805T will be offered online this spring

NMSSI 2013: Math 805T in Scottsbluff
NMSSI 2013: Math 805T in Scottsbluff

In order to help meet the needs of teachers who wish to take graduate courses designed for mathematics teachers, but whose busy schedules require flexible scheduling in order to make this happen, the UNL Department of Mathematics is offering mathematics courses for teachers online on a regular basis.

This spring, the department will offer Math 805T: Discrete Mathematics for Teachers, taught by UNL’s Dr. Annika Denkert. The semester begins January 13, so you will need to have completed your registration in either MyRED or through Teach Nebraska by January 12 (if you are a NebraskaMATH New Teacher Network teacher, please register by Dec. 17).

To read more about the MAT online degree, please visit: You can read about the tuition costs on this site as well.

Class # 24135
This course is designed to deepen knowledge of discrete mathematics as it relates to topics covered in middle through high school curricula. Many of the course topics are introduced through "hands-on" explorations (which characterize discrete mathematics) through which various problem-solving strategies are emphasized. The course also develops an understanding of the role of precise mathematical language, reasoning, and proof in the development of discrete mathematics. The exploratory exercises in the course provide useful vehicles for promoting communication as groups will collaborate to explore problems. The Standards and Principles of School Mathematics published by the NCTM notes that "As an active branch of contemporary mathematics that is widely used in business and industry, discrete mathematics should be an integral part of the school mathematics curriculum." The topics included in the course, vertex -edge graphs, counting techniques, iteration and recursion, provide connections to other disciplines as well as to other topics within mathematics. Discrete Mathematics is part of the Math in the Middle curriculum and has been successfully taught to middle level and secondary teachers.

Here are what some teachers who took 805T recently had to say about the course:

• All of the presentations increased my ability to think mathematically. I find the patterns, ways to solve the problems and algorithms quite fascinating.
• These are great subjects to do in high school – the students will enjoy the applications.
• I have a better understanding of geometric sequences and writing explicit formulas.
• This has been a fun course!

To register for courses at UNL if you have not taken a course in the past three terms (summer, spring or fall):
1. Go to the Teach Nebraska Web site at:
2. Click on the red "Apply for Teach Nebraska" link at the right of the screen.
3. If you remember your NU ID from being a past student, please enter it. If you do not have or remember your NU ID, please check the box indicating as such.
4. For the question, "Which of the following best describes your purpose in enrolling at UNL at this time?" select, "None of the above, therefore Non-Degree, Post-Baccalaureate"
5. Course Registration box: Enter the course number, class/call number (24135), section number and 3 credits

Once you've completed the above, certify the statements and submit your application. My colleague in the Office of Graduate Studies, Jason Cruise, will certify your application, admit you to the University, and register you for your courses.

If you have taken a course in the past three terms, please register in MyRED.