Conference offers workshops on analyzing research data

If you or your administrator wish to get a better handle on managing data, consider attending the Data Connections (RETA) Conference, hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, which can help schools and districts navigate the complexities of data collection.

Determining the appropriate use of value-added modeling (VAM) to research in an education grant can be difficult. The NSF MSP Data Connections (RETA) Conference can help!

Whether you already have an education grant or want to have a grant, the Data Connections Conference is a chance for administrators o discuss data analysis in a workshop setting.

All expenses are paid for this conference, held April 24-25, in Lincoln, Neb., at the Embassy Suites Downtown. There is no registration fee, and your lodging, meals and travel (either airfare or mileage and parking) will be covered. The goals of the conference are to:
• Share findings from the Data Connections Math Science Partnership Research, Evaluation and Technical Assistance grant;
• Learn from other national experts on value-added modeling; and
• Have rich discussions of issues, challenges, and methods related to VAM.

Registration is now open and can be completed online at: The deadline to register is March 21.

The conference will feature plenary presentations both by the Data Connections team and nationally-recognized statisticians and psychometricians, including Dr. Sharon Lohr, Arizona State University and Dr. Mark Reckase, Michigan State University.

There will be concurrent breakout sessions and workshop time to explore key questions related to modeling teacher and student data. You are encouraged to bring data that already have been collected to these workshops.

Data Connections is supported by the National Science Foundation, award number 1050667.

Dr. Walt Stroup, Principal Investigator
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dr. Jennifer Green, Co-PI
Montana State University

Dr. Wendy Smith, Co-PI
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dr. Leslie Lukin, Co-PI
Lincoln Public Schools