Tuition fellowships available for NMSSI courses

NMSSI 2013 - Math 804T
NMSSI 2013 - Math 804T

Take an NMSSI course and pay only $384 for tuition! It is possible! All Nebraska teachers qualify for a 20% tuition discount ($171) and $300 supplemental fellowships are also available for the Nebraska Math and Science Summer Institutes (NMSSI) of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln this summer. In fact, the first eight teachers to register for each course and apply for a supplemental fellowship will receive one. (Teachers taking more than one course are only guaranteed three supplemental fellowships.)

Join your colleagues today in applying for an NMSSI Fellowship: Check out our course catalog at:

Here are a few of the courses we are offering this summer:

MATH 800T: Math as a Second Language (The approach is to understand arithmetic and algebra as a means of communicating mathematical ideas, and will stress a deep understanding of the basic operations of arithmetic, as well as the interconnected nature of arithmetic, algebra and geometry relating to the grades 3-7 curriculum.)
Fremont, June 16-20
Grand Island, June 2-6
Scottsbluff, June 2-6

MATH 802T: Functions, Algebra and Geometry (This course is designed to help teachers gain a deep understanding of the concept of function and the algebra and geometry concepts taught in the middle-level (through early high school) curriculum.)
Scottsbluff, June 23-27
Online, May 19-July 11

MATH 803P: Algebraic Thinking for the Elementary Classroom (Discussion will revolve around student understanding of Algebraic properties of mathematics as participants examine case studies, video segments and student work samples. Participants will explore instructional strategies for fostering Algebraic thinking that are appropriate for both the primary (K-2) and intermediate (3-5) elementary classrooms.)
Lincoln, June 2-13 (mornings)
Omaha, June 2-6

MATH 804P: Algebraic Thinking for the Elementary Classroom (The course seeks to build a strong foundation for the teaching and communication of mathematical concepts by the hands-on development of critical-thinking skills via problem-solving experiences. It provides a guided opportunity for the implementation of problem-solving instruction that is aligned with the new Nebraska mathematics standards in both the primary (K-2) and intermediate (3-5) elementary classroom.)
Ainsworth, June 16-20
Columbus, June 2-6
Hastings, June 16-20
Lincoln, July 7-11
Omaha, June 9-13

STAT 812T: Statistics for High School Teachers (This course will cover the statistical concepts typically taught in a high school Statistics class. These include: linear regression, two-way tables, sampling distributions, statistical inference for means and proportions, chi-square tests, and inference for regression.)
Lincoln, June 16-20

TEAC 880E: Teaching with Technology (The focus of this workshop is on developing skills for using GeoGebra in the teaching and learning of middle and high school mathematics. Topics found in PreAlgebra, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus courses will be emphasized. Geometry properties and theorems, functions, transformations, conics, data analysis and other mathematics topics will be addressed. Participants will develop interactive mathematics applets, map downloaded files to their curriculum, and develop an implementation plan of action.)
Lincoln, July 7-18 (mornings)
Omaha, June 2-13 (afternoons)

Other locations:
Beatrice - Math 800P
Holdrege - STAT 811T
Kearney - Math 807T
North Platte - Math 808T

The Benefits of the NMSSI:

* Nebraska teachers automatically qualify for a 20 percent discount on in-state tuition at UNL
* Teachers can also apply for an additional $300 tuition fellowship from the NMSSI:
* All NMSSI courses also include a free lunch on each day of class
* The $50 UNL Graduate Studies admission fee is waived for current Nebraska teachers
* Each course is worth 3 graduate credit hours at UNL
* Enroll in one simple application through Teach Nebraska: http:///

Enroll now to secure your spot in class and apply for a $300 NMSSI Fellowship before the funds run out!

Email Lindsay Augustyn at with any questions.

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