Limited number of fellowships available for NMSSI

TEAC 892 Reasoning and Sensemaking
TEAC 892 Reasoning and Sensemaking

Summer 2014 is a great time to join with other Nebraska teachers and take a math or pedagogy course offered by the Nebraska Math and Science Summer Institutes. To date, more than 250 teachers have registered for more than 500 classes, sometimes with financial support from their district and often with the benefit of a supplemental fellowship available from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

It is still possible to receive one of these $300 supplemental NMSSI Fellowships that are applied directly to the cost of tuition, but the funding is limited. So find a course, register, and apply for a fellowship now:

All current Nebraska mathematics teachers also automatically qualify for a 20 percent reduction in the cost of tuition for courses not online. Please apply for a NMSSI Fellowship before May 23.

Visit our website for the NMSSI course catalog, and email Lindsay Augustyn at with any questions.

To register for this class or other NMSSI courses, if you have not taken a graduate course at UNL in the past year, you need to enroll via Teach Nebraska through a very quick, simple application: http:/// Completing this application and the NMSSI Fellowship application are all you have to do to take advantage of this opportunity. If you have taken a course recently at UNL, you can enroll in MyRED.

The Benefits of the NMSSI:

* Nebraska teachers automatically qualify for a 20 percent discount on in-state tuition at UNL for courses not online
* Teachers can also apply for an additional $300 tuition fellowship from the NMSSI:
* All in-person NMSSI courses also include a free lunch on each day of class
* The $50 UNL Graduate Studies admission fee is waived for current Nebraska teachers through Teach Nebraska
* Each course is worth 3 graduate credit hours at UNL
* Register in one simple application through Teach Nebraska: http:///