Beyonce parody: 'You should be a math teacher'

Beyonce Parody -- "You should be a math teacher"

From Ed Dickey
University of South Carolina

May 5 was National Teacher Appreciation Day, and some states consider May to be Teacher Appreciation Month.

Please help promote teachers and encourage STEM majors to pursue teaching careers by sharing the Beyoncé parody video at that faculty and students at the University of South Carolina helped produce in collaboration with the University of Kentucky and the national Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership. Beyoncé granted a license to use her song for this purpose. They were helped by the University of South Carolina Dance program, faculty and students from the Journalism and Mass Communications program, and students at C.A. Johnson High School, including the singer, C.A. Johnson biology teacher and UofSC MT grad, Chanda Jefferson.

Please share with friends and colleagues particularly through social media and help shine a bright and positive light on the teaching profession throughout the month May. Our Facebook page is and on Twitter we are @TeachersofSTEM with #AlltheSTEMTeachers #TeachSTEM or #TeacherAppreciationWeek