Two papers on primary-grade teachers highlighted by MSPnet

Primarily Math C4 LPS
Primarily Math C4 LPS

Two recently published articles by NebraskaMATH researchers were featured by MSPnet, one on primary-grade teachers' interpretations of students' mathematical creativity and the other on change in teachers' math knowledge, attitudes and beliefs.

"Mathematical Creativity For The Youngest School Children: Kindergarten To Third Grade Teachers' Interpretations Of What It Is And How To Promote It," by researchers Yinjing Shen and Carolyn Pope Edwards, was published in The Mathematics Enthusiast in January.

"Examining Change In K-3 Teachers' Mathematical Knowledge, Attitudes, And Beliefs: The Case Of Primarily Math," by Traci Kutaka, Lixin Ren, Wendy Smith, Heidi Beattie, Edwards, Jennifer Green, Pavel Chernyavskiy, Walt Stroup, Ruth Heaton, and Jim Lewis, was published in the Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education in July 2016.

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