Stanford's new online course on Mathematical Mindsets

New online course through Stanford
New online course through Stanford

Jo Boaler has announced a new online course for teacher professional development: Mathematical Mindsets. The course will open in the summer 2017. Register here:

Mathematical Mindsets is a professional program to train teachers to teach mathematics for a growth mindset to students of any age (K-16). It shares the latest brain science on the ways students learn mathematics and translates the science into teaching methods and approaches. It shares approximately 30 classroom videos to help teachers learn how to teach Mindset Mathematics. Participants will see Boaler teaching 6th- and 7th-graders mathematics, and see the ways they transformed their engagement and achievement. The students, who were with them for 18 maths lessons, improved their test achievement by an average of 50% per student, which is equivalent to 1.6 years of school!

Teachers will be invited into an online community with the other participants and together participants will discuss the videos and the tasks used.The pedagogy of the course is one of active engagement.

Topics Include:
• The messages and praise we give students
• Teaching visual mathematics
• Approaches to designing and choosing good tasks
• Techniques to encourage productive class and group discussions
• Ways to encourage a mistakes-friendly environment
• Methods of inspiring mathematical problem solving and investigation.

The course is completely aligned with the Common Core and teaches ways to infuse mathematical practices throughout teaching. As well as learning how to teach mindset mathematics, participants will hear from thought leaders such as mindset guru Carol Dweck and inspiring mathematician Steve Strogatz, in interviews recorded for this course. The aim of the course is to inspire teachers and to give them practical tools they can use in their classroom tomorrow. The course will take approximately 30 hours to complete.
The target audience for the course is any teacher of mathematics at any grade level. (K-16)

This course is completely different from How to Learn Mathematics (HTLM). HTLM provides the background and basic information for teachers to understand the need for mindset mathematics teaching, Mathematical Mindsets shows teachers how to teach in these ways. it is recommended that teachers first take How to Learn Mathematics and then Mathematical Mindsets.