Teacher Spotlight: Nanette Kissler

Nan Kissler
Nan Kissler

Nanette Kissler is currently part of the Primarily Math program working on her Master of Arts degree in Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education. Kissler, who teaches 3rd grade at Lincoln Heights, began the program in 2011.

School and District: Lincoln Heights, Scottsbluff Public Schools; Scottsbluff, NE

Years Teaching: 25

How has your Primarily Math experience helped you as a teacher? "The Primarily Math program has been such a positive experience. The ideas that I have learned through this course have helped my teaching math in such a positive aspect for my students and myself. When we meet in our large group there are so many great ideas that are presented, and ideal for a classroom. The sharing and collaborating is such a great experience."

Do you remember your favorite teacher? How did he or she inspire you? "My sixth grade teacher was my favorite teacher. She was such an inspiration for me. She always let us find out the whys of learning and was right beside us investigating with us. This truly was an inspiring teacher."

What is your favorite thing about teaching? "My favorite thing about teaching is understanding how each child learns and grows in math. Taking the Primarily Math Courses has helped me truly understand what children are thinking and why they learn the way they do. Each day in math is inspiring and a new adventure."

What’s on your iPod? "My ipod contains mostly 70’s music. This era of music was my very favorite."

What’s your favorite TV show? " My favorite TV show is Property Brothers on HGTV, I love to see how a house can be transformed into a new house."

What is your favorite thing about Nebraska? "I love living in Nebraska. Living in the western part of the state has many opportunities. There is a lake very close to my home which is great for the summer and in the winter, the mountains of Colorado are just a couple of hours away. The small town atmosphere is simply the greatest."

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