Three new books from NCTM Publications

1) The 5 Practices in Practice: Successfully Orchestrating Mathematical Discussion in your Middle School Classroom

By Margaret (Peg) Smith and Miriam Gamoran Sherin, with a foreword by Dan Meyer

Target: Middle School

Take a deeper dive into understanding the five practices—anticipating, monitoring, selecting, sequencing, and connecting—for facilitating productive mathematical conversations in your middle school classrooms and learn to apply them with confidence.

A follow up to the modern classic, it shows the five practices in action in middle school classrooms and empowers teachers to be prepared for and overcome the challenges common to orchestrating math discussions. It unpacks the five practices and guides teachers to a deeper understanding of how to use each practice effectively in an inquiry-oriented classroom.

2) Mathematical Thinking: From Assessment Items to
Challenging Tasks

Edited by Doris Mohr, Crystal Walcott, and Peter Kloosterman

Target: Grades 2–8

This compilation's 36 problem-based lessons encourage students to engage in productive struggle and deep thinking. Each of these full-length lessons for grades 2–8 is inspired by an actual test item from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). Students will be exposed to the tasks used on assessments, become more confident in solving them, and see how their problem-solving ability stacks up against students nationwide.

Each activity includes the NAEP item that inspired it, sample student responses, and the percentage of students who completed it correctly. With these assessment-based lessons, teachers not only help students become more adept at reaching a correct answer on tests but also help them become better mathematical thinkers and problem solvers.

3) Step Into STEAM, Grades K–5: Your Standards-Based Action Plan for Deepening Mathematics and Science Learning

By Sarah B. Bush and Kristin L. Cook, with a foreword by Matt Larson

Target: Grades K–5

Create meaningful and transformative K–5 STEAM learning experiences for each and every student. Make the most of your limited instructional time and become part of the Step Into STEAM movement!

Seamlessly design and implement K–5 STEAM inquiries that align carefully to key mathematics and science content and practices and prepare elementary students for bright futures. Taking an opposite approach to existing resources that provide collections of disjointed STEAM activities, Step Into STEAM empowers teachers and schools to build cohesive and sustainable STEAM infrastructures—grounded in grade-level standards and purposeful assessment—to deepen the mathematics and science learning of every student.,-Grades-K-5--Your-Standards-Based-Action-Plan-for-Deepening-Mathematics-and-Science-Learning/