New 'Week of Inspirational Maths' and 'Dispelling Myths' special edition

We are excited to announce a new Week of Inspirational Mathematics,, for 2019, launching on Thursday, August 29! Here is a new task from Jo Boaler to give you a sneak preview and get the inspiration rolling for the upcoming school year:

Also, Youcubed gathered a collection of articles on dispelling myths, as there are so many myths that hold students back in their learning, and make the work of teachers much harder. Articles include papers on the myth that only some students can be high achieving, and interventions that change that idea with amazing results. Other articles tackle the faulty idea that to be good at mathematics you need to calculate fast, or that mathematics is a set of disconnected procedures that need to be memorized, or that student “off task” conversations impede learning. Others consider the true nature of real mathematics, and the difference between mathematics as a discipline and the mathematics taught in schools. Two of the articles focus on special educational needs, giving a really important reframing. The goal of this Special Issue is to conceptualize and raise attention to the myths that reduce students’ learning of mathematics and highlight interventions, and research with teachers and students, that have set students free and liberated their learning of mathematics. Access the articles here:

- Jo Boaler