A review of Employee Resources - http://flood.unl.edu

As flooding and concerns of the agricultural economy continue to weigh on Nebraskans, this is a good time to take a couple moments to see what resources are available for you on the Employee Resources portal of flood.unl.edu. Once logged in, the Employee Resources portal can be found under "Home".
Here's a summary of what you will find:

  • Packets and Display Ideas (table tents, packets for schools, displays for businesses, libraries)
  • Mold and Mold Remediation Recording April 2019
  • Mental Wellness (Farmers Under Stress Workshop Fliers, Wellbeing of Colleagues, Talking with Farmers under Stress, Stress Less Handout, Staying Connected Resource List, Responding to Distressed People, My Coping Strategies Plan, Stress Affects You – Farm Stress Handout, Caring for Yourself Card, Behavioral Health Disaster Response PPT). PSA’s
  • Media (Template – PPT, Press Releases, Business Cards – flood.unl.edu (English, Spanish), Audio PSA’s and Scripts covering General, Food-Nutrition-Health, Early Childhood, Community Vitality, Cropping-Water Systems, Community Environment, Beef Systems, 4-H and Youth.
  • Long-Term Recovery Groups
  • Evaluation
  • EAP
  • Human Trafficking: What Disaster Responders Need to Know
  • Compassionate Presence: The Role of Faith-based Communities in Disaster Recovery
  • MARC Guidelines
  • Flood Response Newsletter - Current and Archived. You can search for topics you are interested in.
  • Archived Flood Updates & Ft. Laramie Canal Breach Update (August 5).
  • Disaster Response Team
  • Response Notes
  • Serviceship Resources
  • LTRG Webinar

Please continue to reach out to members of the Disaster Response Team if you have questions or needs. You can also share your needs in the weekly Flood Recovery Response Survey.

More details at: http://flood.unl.edu