Registration for Summer Institute for Online Teaching by June 11

This year, the condensed 3-week Summer Institute for Online Teaching (SIOT) is designed to guide new and novice online instructors through the steps of course planning and development and to explore the unique opportunities and challenges of the online learning environment. Even instructors with some online teaching experience are likely to find it valuable.

This third 2020 offering of SIOT will begin June 15, 2020 and run through July 2, 2020. See the SIOT schedule page for the complete 3-week schedule. Register for SIOT 2020.

By the end of Summer Institute, participants will be able to:

  • Use principles of instructional design and nationally-recognized quality standards to evaluate, design, or redesign online courses.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of legal and ethical issues surrounding online courses including academic integrity, course material accessibility, copyright considerations, and other university resources and policies.
  • Create authentic assessments of learning that appropriately align with course learning objectives.
    Apply research-based principles of instruction to create learner-centered, interactive, online learning activities that promote student success.
  • Establish an effective online instructional persona that is present throughout the course and fosters a sense of collaborative community among learners.
  • Develop strategies for managing time, communication, and instructor/student roles in online courses.
Module topics include:

  • Planning and organizing an online course
  • Assessing student learning
  • Developing online content and activities
  • Building community & establishing instructor presence
  • Managing an online course

Register for the 2020 Summer Institute for Online Teaching.