Learn how to utilize LinkedIn and develop your teaching portfolio

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Throughout the summer, the Office of Graduate Studies will continue to add modules to the Graduate & Professional Student Professional Development Canvas to provide an on-demand resource for graduate and professional students preparing for the job market or looking to enhance their professional skills. These modules include short videos and handouts to help you maximize your time and find the most relevant information for your personal development.

The LinkedIn module walks you through the basics of setting up your profile and some best practices for using the platform to develop your network. If you are currently applying for jobs or plan to in the future, having a LinkedIn profile is highly recommended. Teaching portfolios and statements are essential elements of an academic job search, and this module will help you understand what search committees are looking for during the hiring process. It’s important to highlight the insights you gained about teaching as a graduate student, and this module will help you decide what information to include.

Students also have access to learning modules that include short videos on four areas for professional development: writing and formatting a curriculum vitae or resume, writing a cover letter, and preparing for online interviews.

For any feedback about these lessons, or to suggest additional content, please feel free to reach out to Dr. L.J. McElravy, interim associate dean for professional development at lj.mcelravy@unl.edu.