11 graduate students earn CIRTL Associate Certification

We are pleased to announce that we had 11 graduate students successfully complete the requirements for CIRTL Associate Certification this year. CIRTL (Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning) is a consortium of about 40 doctoral-granting institutions that work to support teaching by helping prepare the next generation of faculty. This certification provides a way for graduate students and postdocs to demonstrate their commitment to teaching and to continue to build on their teaching skills. As a CIRTL member, all Nebraska students have access to CIRTL programming and local CIRTL programming on campus.

To earn this certification, all students completed a teaching course or learning community and four additional teaching workshops or other trainings, submitted a teaching philosophy, and either observed two instructors on campus or were observed teaching.

  • Mitham Al-Faliti (Civil Engineering)
  • Soodabeh Azadehranjbar (Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics)
  • Long Chen (Biological Systems Engineering)
  • MohD'eslam Dahdolan (Architectural Engineering)
  • Anu Fasnami (Chemistry)
  • Mohammad Mazharul Islam (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
  • Soon Kiat Lau (Biological Systems Engineering)
  • Flavia Mendonca de Furtado (Civil Engineering)
  • Sam Moayedi (Architectural Engineering)
  • Shuaiqi Shen (Engineering)
  • Haipeng Zhang (Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics)

Learn more about the Nebraska CIRTL Program or contact Dr. Lisa Rohde at lrohde2@unl.edu or Dr. L.J. McElravy at lj.mcelravy@unl.edu. Graduate students and postdocs in all fields are welcome to participate.

Congratulations to all!