Kudos Corner -- Bonnie Long

Bonnie Long, research coordinator, manages field projects related to the development and evaluation of genomic tools in beef cattle. This includes being the "curator" of well over 30,000 DNA samples and communicating with over 30 industry partners. Her work is part of a joint research collaboration between UNL and the US Meat Animal Research Center. Bonnie is an effective communicator and helps in the communication between research groups. She has the most pleasant demeanor and is willing to work above and beyond 40 hours a week. She believes in her mission, is quick to take on additional tasks, and is easy to work with. She is a tremendous ambassador to the industry and potential students. She makes IANR a better place to be because or her work ethic, her connectedness with the industry and her general attitude towards industry service.
 Nominated by Matthew Spangler

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