Natural-decoration brown bag is Dec. 4

A brown-bag presentation on “Decorating Naturally for the Holidays” will be held Dec. 4 at noon and again at 5:30 p.m. at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Keim Hall.

Kristin Hain of Land Escapes, Inc. does landscape work and holiday decorating for a wide range of clients and events. She has ideas for both indoor and outdoor decorating from the smallest details to dramatic touches visible from the street. Hain said, “Many items from the landscape can be used in decorating for the holidays and winter season for both indoors and out.”

This presentation is part of a brown-bag series on “all things green” sponsored by the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum, UNL Department of Agronomy/Horticulture, UNL Garden Friends and Friends of Maxwell Arboretum.

Event sponsors hope to bring together a community of on- and off-campus people who care about the environment. There will be time for discussion at each session and, when weather permits, time to walk through the campus landscape.

Future topics include photographing the landscape on Jan. 8, attracting birds, garden design and tree identification.

Participants are invited to bring lunch or dinner, if desired, and ideas or questions. For more information about the brown-bag series, call the Arboretum at 402-472-2971, email or visit