NCEA/ESP $500 Scholarship Applications due Nov 1

Apply for the NCEA/ESP Professional Development Scholarships by November 1. The $500 scholarship may be used toward professional development, excluding the Nebraska NCEA conference.

The application is at the NCEA website
Find the required forms under the “awards” tab on the left hand side of the page. The completed application must be returned electronically or as a hard copy to Brenda Aufdenkamp. The scholarship will be issued once the professional development has been completed and the expense voucher has been submitted. The number of scholarships awarded will be based upon interest funds generated from the professional development NCEA account. Epsilon Sigma Phi will award one scholarship.

After the November 1 due date, the next application date is March 1. Applications are considered equally regardless of the date of the professional development experience. If one professional development occurs in May and another in November, both will be considered equally based upon the merit of the application.

All paid NCEA or ESP members are eligible to apply for professional development which occurs after October 1. If you have questions, email Brenda Aufdenkamp at