Interested in a Account?

Nebraska Extension has acquired an Educational Department account with allows for presenters to receive questions from the audience, interactive live-polling, distribution of slides to participants, and learner engagement!

Any Extension staff may acquire a teacher account for $100 per year through our Educational Department Account. Extension staff will need to provide a cost object for the license to be purchased from. The teacher will need 2 devices to run (one to administer from and one to present from). recommends a phone to administer from and your computer to present slides, etc. from. There is an application ( Switcher) that can assist with administering and presenting.

If you want to see a demo of it before deciding to purchase or to acquire an account, please contact Angie Rushman. Tech Time with Angie on January 16 will all be about Sli.Do

An example of how a conference can be done with

-- Angie Rushman