2017 Impact Reports due December 15, 2017

2017 Impact Reports
2017 Impact Reports

2017 Impact Reports Resources:
• Our October 4 ZOOM Recording can be found here: https://unl.box.com/s/3tuqmlqgdpm7mi3aktwgi8nymm3by15n
• Our Slides can be found here: https://unl.box.com/s/44ol0854iv8h2a7yjv1t8yw063hb62pl
• Resources are all placed in this BOX Folder: https://unl.box.com/s/imd0x9ghyqx2dkmxug5yf3d6hzfccano

Issue Team/Interest Group Impact Reports, updated videos and County Impact Reports are to be submitted through this survey: https://ssp.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8bMrf0Lr1bk1Slf

County Impact Reports include the following items on the one-page report:
• 3 Impacts
• 2 Pictures

Issue Team Impact Reporting includes:
• Public Value Statement
• Social Media Impact Statement for 2017
Sample Statements:
o 86% of youth and their families are making healthier meals through 4-H Food Smart Families.
o Small scale gardeners grew and donated 4,000 pounds of produce to food pantries and low-income families.
o $900K is the estimated impact of financial decisions participants made through the 2016 Cornhusker Economics Meetings.
• Updated Team Video
• Team Report (2 page)