Pesticide Applicator Trainings

If you have a pesticide applicators license — either private or commercial or you need to get a new license — classes begin soon. Make plans now to attend the training option that fits your needs.


Commercial/noncommercial applicators are professionals who apply restricted-use pesticides for hire or compensation. Anyone who applies pesticides to the property of another person, either restricted- or general-use products, for control of pests in lawns, landscapes, buildings or homes, must also have a commercial pesticide applicators license. Public employees (those employed by a town, county, state) applying mosquito control pesticides whether restricted- or general-use, must also hold a commercial or noncommercial certification.

Commercial/noncommercial applicators have four options to recertify or get a new license.

Traditional training classes — visit for dates, locations and registration. Cost is $80 per online preregistration or $90 per mail or fax. Trainings at the Lancaster Extension Education Center, 444 Cherrycreek Road, Lincoln will be:
• Initial trainings starting at 8:30 a.m. — Feb. 2, Feb. 25, March 16 and April 6.
• Recertification trainings starting at 9 a.m. — Jan. 27, Feb. 4, Feb. 9, March 11, March 25, March 30 and April 8.

Testing-only option — Nebraska Department of Agriculture’s walk-in, test-only sessions are currently being held by appointment only. Call 402-471-2351 for a list of available dates and locations and to reserve a time. Information at

Pearson VUE testing — Take a computer-based test provided by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. No training is given with this option; testing only. Not all categories are offered, so visit for categories, dates, locations and registration. Cost $55 per exam. (Multiple categories are each charged the full fee.)

Crop Production clinics (recertification only) — Categories Ag Plant, Regulatory or Demonstration/Research can use this option. Visit for a clinic listing and registration.


Private applicators are farmers or producers raising an agricultural commodity on land they own or rent. Or an employee making pesticide applications on their employer’s farm. Private applicators have several ways to recertify or get a new license.

Traditional training classes — There will be several changes for Nebraska Extension’s private pesticide safety education program certification/recertification trainings including registration process. Watch for details. Training dates for 2021 in Lincoln will be published in the next Nebline. Cost will be $50.

Crop Production Clinics — Receive initial or recertification training. Visit for a clinic listing and registration.

Online private self-study program — There will be an online version coming soon. Check the January Nebline for more information.