Extension’s 2023 Master Gardener Volunteer Trainings Begin Soon

A 2022 Lancaster County Extension Master Gardener training.
A 2022 Lancaster County Extension Master Gardener training.

If you have a strong interest in gardening and enjoy helping others, you are invited to become a Nebraska Extension Master Gardener Volunteer.

This program will increase your knowledge and understanding of horticultural topics such as:
• Best cultural practices for growing flowers, vegetables and turf.
• Plant disease and insect pest identification and control.
• Preserving beneficial insect and wildlife habitat and much more!

Instructors are Extension specialists, educators, associates and horticulture professionals.

To become a Master Gardener volunteer, you must attend all training sessions, pass an examination and volunteer for Extension educational programming. Many fun and educational volunteer opportunities are available, including answering gardening questions from the public, teaching 4-H youth gardening, assisting at the county or state fair, assisting community garden participants and many others.

The cost for those participating in the 2023 training class is $225 per person.

There are two options for Master Gardener training in Lincoln.

The Lancaster County Extension-based training program will begin March 2023; training hours are during the day, online and in-person. For additional information, call Mary Jane Frogge at 402-441-7180. Application deadline is Friday, Jan. 13. To apply online, visit http://lancaster.unl.edu/become-an-emg.

The campus-based training program will begin January 2023, with training taking place in the evening and online. For more information, contact Terri James at 402-472-8973. Apply on line at http://mastergardener.unl.edu/master-gardener-application.

Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your gardening knowledge, share it with others in the community and have fun!