April Heart of 4-H Volunteer Award — Kim Bowen

Kim Bowen
Kim Bowen

Lancaster County 4-H is proud to announce Kim Bowen of Lincoln as winner of the April “Heart of 4-H Award” in recognition of outstanding volunteer service.

Kim has volunteered with 4-H for more than 25 years. Previously, she served as Project Leader for the Flying Hoofs 4-H Club (she was a member of this club when she was a child) and as a parent leader for the Lucky Lopers 4-H Club. She is currently the Project Leader for the Silver Spurs 4-H Club.

Over the years, she has volunteered at, helped plan and/or host many different 4-H horse clinics. She also has supported Lancaster County 4-H events such as the county fair, award celebrations, judging competitions, etc.

Kim likes being a 4-H volunteer because she believes it is important to help children be brave, explore their abilities, see the possibilities in their talents and to grow confidence in themselves to be successful.

“I enjoy working with children and watching them explore their horsemanship skills,” she says. “My favorite experiences are when someone who believes they are meant to do one thing, finds that they are able to do something completely different — successfully! It’s the first realization that their world is full of options, and they can be successful in anything they do. 4-H is really about helping kids grow and guiding their mindset through exploration as they develop into adults.”