Research 101: How-Tos

Check out Research 101: How-Tos today
Check out Research 101: How-Tos today

We know it can be hard to look at your syllabus and see assignments like a research paper, long essay, or long reading assignment. We here at the University Libraries have tools for you that can take these tasks from daunting to doable in no time.

“Research 101: How-To" on the University Libraries website has five sections:

• Writing a research paper
• Writing a literature review
• Finding good stuff on the web
• Reading long articles
• How-to-get started guide

These tools will help you write, read and research better than you have before.

As you scroll down the page, you will find short videos, ranging between one and four minutes long. That will take you through common struggles students have while completing assignments, such as how to cite sources or even how to pick a topic to write about.

If these videos aren’t enough, there are short articles in each section to give you more in-depth information as well as resources to reach out to real people and ask them all the questions you have.

To get this incredible resource in your back pocket, check out the webpage "Research 101: How-Tos website today.