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UNL Mathematics
UNL Mathematics

Hello Math and Data Science Majors,

I hope your semester is continuing to go well. I am getting closer to being caught up on email, and you can look forward to the Spring 2024 semester schedule being published in MyRed on Monday, October 2nd.

Have you gotten involved in something outside of the classroom yet this semester? If you haven't, I would strongly suggest that you do so. The College of Arts and Sciences talks about Academics + Experiences = Opportunities, which I have seen be true for many students. The "Experiences" part comes outside of the classroom through Leadership, Research, Education Abroad, Service, or Internships. These are the kind of things you have actively have to pursue if you want to participate in them.

Want to gain leadership experience? You need to join a student organization first.

Want to get involved in research? You need to talk to a professor first.

Want to work in an internship? You have to apply for an opportunity first.

Want serve the local community? You have to volunteer first.

Want to go on an Education Abroad trip? You need to visit the Global Experiences office first.

No one is going to hand you an opportunity to gain real-world, outside of the classroom experience, and you will need this experience if you want to have opportunities after you graduate. Not sure where to start? Come visit me for an appointment or drop-in meeting.

Best wishes, Doug

Fall 2023 Advising
I am taking in-person, Zoom, and phone meetings in 45-minute blocks from 8:30 am to 12:15 pm and 1:15 pm to 5:00 pm every weekday when I am not taking Zoom drop-in advising meetings. I am also take Zoom drop-in advising meetings on Wednesdays and Fridays at 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Zoom drop-in meetings are being coordinated by the College of Arts and Sciences with a schedule and a link to the Zoom room available at

You can schedule a meeting with me by using the Student Success Hub via this link, by calling the College of Arts and Sciences Academic and Career Advising Center at 402-472-4190, by calling me at 402-472-4319, or by emailing me at You can find instructions for how to access and schedule meetings in the Student Success Hub system here.

Math Department Events
The Math Department has many upcoming events that might be of interest to you along with a weekly (or almost weekly) colloquium series. A listing of all upcoming Math Department events can be found at

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