UPDATE: Ollerich to have another work on NET's "What If...."

In 2018, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Glenn Korff School of Music student Meredith Ollerich heard that NET was looking for Nebraska composers to submit their works for a new show called “What If...”. She submitted one of her old concert band works, called “Flight”, and it premiered on the first season of the show in 2019.

“I was recently asked again to submit a new work for this upcoming season, and this time I submitted my oboe sonata called “I Told the Stars About You”. That sonata will be premiered at the end of this month at the beginning of the second season of the show,” Ollerich said. “The producer also contacted me and told me that they would be talking about the “What If...” composers on their radio broadcast called “The Verge”.”

Ollerich is a chemistry and music composition double major from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, who currently lives in Omaha, Nebraska. She is currently studying composition with Dr. Tyler White. The inspiration for her works comes from people she meets, and she delves into the emotions that music evokes in people. She has showcased smaller works at various venues in Lincoln, and her larger pieces have been read by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band.

“The Verge” airs on Sunday, January 17 at 6 pm CT, and “What If...” Season 2 Episode 2 (the one her piece will be played on) airs January 28 at 8:30 pm CT

"What If..." Link: http://netnebraska.org/interactive-multimedia/television/what-if-go-gelato