Women in science webinars on Feb. 4 focus on successful careers, effective management

UNL's Association for Women in Science is hosting a Webinar Watch-a-Thon and roundtable discussion about work-life integration and managing from the middle for women in STEM fields from noon to 1:30 p.m. Feb. 4 in the Nebraska Union Heritage Room. Registration is not required.

The event will feature two 15-minute webinars:

"Tips and Strategies for Women in STEM to Successfully Integrate Careers and Home Life," by Joan Herbers, past president of Association for Women in Science, and professor and dean emerita at Ohio State University; and

"Be an Effective Manager, Diligent Subordinate and Good Colleague," by Donna Dean, Association for Women in Science is career enhancement and leadership development consultant.

After each webinar, participants will network and engage in roundtable discussions. At the end of the event, each table will share highlights from the discussions.

Faculty, staff and graduate students are welcome to attend and bring a brown bag lunch. Dessert and refreshments will be provided.

Raising awareness and encouraging problem-solving around issues that women in STEM face are goals for the Association for Women in Science is organization, as well as for the campus.

Registration for the Webinar Watch-a-Thon is available online: https://research.unl.edu/events/event.php?eventID=4467. For more information, send email to awis@unl.edu.

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