Register: Listening session on addressing misinformation about science

The National Academy of Sciences's Committee on Understanding and Addressing Misinformation about Science will host a virtual information gathering session on Dec. 14, 2022, from approximately noon to 3:45 p.m. CT as part of its first committee meeting.

Confirmed panelists:
• Cary Funk, Pew Research Center
• Alice Marwick, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
• Robert O’Connor, National Science Foundation
• Tina Purnat, World Health Organization
• Dietram Scheufele, University of Wisconsin-Madison
• Claire Wardle, Brown University

The committee has been asked to characterize the nature and scope of the problem of misinformation about science and its differential impacts; identify solutions to limit its spread; and provide guidance on interventions, policies, and research toward reducing harms caused from misinformation. The committee will hold additional information-gathering sessions in 2023 and anticipates releasing its report in 2024.


Sponsor: National Science Foundation