KSC hosts Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Feb. 23
Feb. 23

Feb. 23 is Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, hosted by the Kennedy Space Center. Tune in to see female scientists and engineers from NASA tell you about their careers and research. For more information, contact Bethanne.hull@nasa.gov or check out the Digital Learning Network special events page: http://www.nasa.gov/dln/special-events.

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9 am: Nancy Bray, KSC Director of Spaceport Integration and Services
10 am: Ashlie Flegel, Aerospace Research Engineer
11 am: Charlie Blackwell Thompson, GSDO Launch Director
12 pm: Jessica Parsons, Integration Engineer (SPANISH)
1 pm: Shideh Naderi, Electrical Engineer
2 pm: Jill Marlowe, Director of Research
3 pm: Ali Luna, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Program Director
4 pm: Cinda Chullen, Advanced Spacesuit Project Manager