NE Manufacturing Peer Group builds trust and vision

The NE Manufacturing Peer group recently toured Brehmer Mfg.
The NE Manufacturing Peer group recently toured Brehmer Mfg.

Leading a company doesn’t need to be a solitary pursuit. In fact, the most successful leaders build trusted peer relationships, and find that sharing problems, solutions and viewing their work from different perspectives not only helps improve their performance, but also provides greater satisfaction in their role. That is the purpose behind the Nebraska MEP’s Manufacturing Peer Group

“I have come to see peer groups as a powerful solution to many of the challenges I have faced over my 30 years in manufacturing, says Matt Allmand, director of the Nebraska MEP. “It is from this deeply held belief that the Nebraska Manufacturing Peer Group could provide some technical training, some exposure to best practices and more, but most importantly, purposefully create trusting relationships among peers.”

The first peer cohort was launched in October, 2023 with 10 members. The group meets monthly over the course of year at member facilities to tour plants, discuss specific areas of concern and share a meal together.

“When Matt reached out to me, I had already been looking at several other Executive groups to join,” says Chris Carbaugh, president of Quin Global in Omaha. “When Matt explained the scope of the group and that it would be manufacturing-focused, I was sold. As a young executive, I wanted to surround myself with peers that I would be able to network with when problems arose, and vice versa, be able to help others using my past experience. “

“Each month we will share lunch then enter a simple, but deep agenda,” says Allmand. “Brief updates, a tour, then each member will bring one problem for the group to explore solutions together. This way of sharing experiences and expertise will create meaningful conversations, deepening relationships and ensuring you make progress on at least one of your most vexing problems. The Nebraska MEP also has a host of subject matter that we can introduce to the group on many topics as the group chooses.”

Each cohort in our Manufacturing Peer Group program is designed to be diverse geographically and represent different industries. Competitors would be placed in separate cohorts creating a safe environment for openness about what challenges you and your business are facing.

“Being part of a peer group with like-minded individuals from diverse industries has proven crucial for our continuous improvement efforts,” adds Kevin Clifton, production manager at Eilers Machine & Welding in Lexington. “The exposure to different leadership styles and management approaches has significantly broadened my understanding of effective strategies in the industry.”

Additional cohorts will be forming in 2024. If you are interested building out your personal network across the state and throughout the industry contact Matt Allmand directly at or cell 308-991-5619 or via