MyPLAN tab in Blackboard available tomorrow

MyPLAN is accessible as a new tab in Blackboard.
MyPLAN is accessible as a new tab in Blackboard.

UNL students can log on to Blackboard beginning Monday, Feb. 27 and explore the MyPLAN tab, which appears on the far right of the Blackboard options. MyPLAN is a new way to get quick access to all of the academic and advising services at UNL to improve academic experiences.

Inside the MyPLAN tab will be three links:

‘Home’ lists each student’s current courses as well as a personal ‘My Success Network.’ The My Success Network includes current instructors, adviser(s) and any other individuals on campus with whom students are connected. Some instructors and advisers have already implemented online scheduling, and by clicking on the hyperlink under their names, students will be able to schedule appointments directly out of MyPLAN.

The broader UNL ‘Success Network’ provides a catalog of all academic and advising services on campus that will support students’ UNL experience. All advising centers as well as other academic support services (e.g. The Writing Center, Chemistry Resource Center, Career Services, etc.) are listed.

‘My Profile’ allows students to set up how appointment reminders will be sent – via email, text message or Facebook. Each student’s Profile in MyPLAN is separate from MyRED, and updating personal information in MyPLAN will not automatically update permanent information in MyRED.

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