Community: Student Involvement's online RSO database

First and foremost, E-involvement is no longer working. The site has been removed and Community has taken its place. All of the same information that E-involvement had, Community does now as well, with the addition of many new features. The link to community can be found on the Student Involvement website ( or you can use this direct link (

Some of Community's features and information can be accessed without creating and account and logging in, but to recieve full use of all that Community has to offer, creating an account and logging in to Community is the way to go. Use your NUID number and your myred password, fill out a short form for your profile, and your account is created. The benifits of having a Community account are endless, but some of the major tools are the ability to manage rosters, find groups, find new students to join your group, upload photos, share calenders, connect to facebook, and much more.

Another useful feature within Community is the ability to access the Annual Review Form and the Direct Reservation form. The Annual Review Form can be filled out electronically, but must be printed, signed and turned into Student Involvement in paper form. The Direct Reservation form can be turned in electronically (email as an attachment) or personally in paper form. Specific instructions can be found on the Direct Reservation Form. Both of these forms are currently located on the first screen after logging into Community, and can also be found in the documents folder under "Your Account." Both the ARF and the Direct Reservation Forms can also be found at under the Registered Student Organization "Resource" tab. We hope electronic version of these forms will help save you time and trips to the Student Involvement Office!

We are contining to develop the tools Community has for use at UNL and hope to have more features to offer you soon!

If you have any questions, please contact us!

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