Important priority registration, academic advising, and tutoring update

As you know, classes are shifting exclusively to remote instruction on March 30. The university is committed to providing you with the same quality learning experience as in-person instruction. Please be patient with your instructors as they adjust your courses. An updated plan for each course should be available to you in Canvas by the evening of March 29.

Priority registration begins April 6
To give you additional time to connect with your academic advisor, priority registration is moving to April 6. Your individual student enrollment appointment (the time you may begin registering) in MyRED will be reassigned. Check MyRED during spring break to find your new appointment time.

Academic advisors are available to help you plan for fall registration by phone, video, email and in-person with appropriate social distancing. Check with academic advising for the best way to schedule an appointment.

Remote learning resources
Here are some resources to help you with the move to remote instruction:

  • A guide for remote learning can be found at

  • The Center for Academic Success and Transition has regular business hours this week. Students can meet with success coaches in-person with social distancing measures in place and via Zoom, Skype, phone, email, and text messaging. Appointments can be scheduled in MyPLAN or by contacting CAST at 402-472-1880 and

  • Advising resources continue to be available online in MyRED, MyDegreeAudit, Undergraduate Catalog and MyPLAN. The Enrollment Scheduler and Degree Planner are both available within MyRED.

  • Academic Tutoring and Resource Centers will be open this week and offer remote access options to students.

  • The Writing Center will reopen March 30 offering remote consultations for the rest of the semester. You can schedule an appointment at

On-campus resources
You may continue using the on-campus facilities that are open with appropriate social distancing and preventative public health and hygiene measures. Check the events calendar to see if events are canceled or postponed.