UNDM helping campus spread gratitude with new initiative "SPUDS for BUDS"


Starting Monday, November 15, the University of Nebraska Dance Marathon program will begin a collaboration with the University of Nebraska Omaha Dance Marathon program on a week-long initiative titled “So DM Thankful,” which includes a fun new event called “SPUDS for BUDS.”

As a part of So DM Thankful, organizers hope to spread infectious gratitude across campus. Whether ironically or unironically, University of Nebraska Dance Marathon commits to delivering a potato to whomever of your choosing (roommate, professor, classmate, significant other, etc.) who calls UNL their home.

You tell us the message and where to drop it off, and we'll do the rest. Think of this as a potato-gram. We promise a good chuckle, uplifted spirit, and goofy follow-up conversation.

Send a spud (OR MULTIPLE) and make an impact at Children's Hospital & Medical Center. Each potato sent costs $5, and all donations will go directly to the hospital.

UNDM will be taking orders from Monday, November 15 through Friday, November 19. For more information, stay tuned to UNDM’s social media accounts (@undm_), and to send a spud click the link below to fill out our Google Form with your order!

Link to send a spud: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSddWeYqq9qURnAP5_TDDJQPoeUUi3wzDvi2EjpR9kgFBbXNJA/viewform

More details at: http://http://www.unldancemarathon.com/