Intramural Sports crowns 139 champions during fall term

The Mathletes are champions of the women's league 'C' division in 4-on-4 Sand Volleyball.
The Mathletes are champions of the women's league 'C' division in 4-on-4 Sand Volleyball.

From August to December, thousands of UNL students participated in 31 team and individual/dual intramural activities comprising 70 leagues and 112 divisions. Campus Recreation congratulates the following individuals and teams who won during the Fall 2012 season.

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Activities are organized into women, men, co-rec, and/or open leagues. Text in ( ) denotes the division in which the championship was won.

5k Run
• Women: Amber Weech
• Men: Skylar Glandon
• Co-Rec: Steph Schumann and Darren Johnson

9-Ball Pool
• Women: Erica Lam
• Men: Tuan Lam

2–on–2 Basketball
• Women: none
• Men: Ian McGowan and Nicholas Burianek

3–on–3 Basketball
• Women: Oldies
• Men: Youngbloodz (Sec 1/4), Kappa Sigma (Sec 2/5), Cape Horn Stars (Sec 3/6)
• Co-Rec: Hoop There It is

• Women: AOPi 2
• Men: DU 3
• Co-Rec: Phi Mu/DU #4

Bench Press
• Women: Erica Lam (148), Suleima Garcia (UNL)
• Men: Alec Gaggini (165), Daniel Schutz (181), Shaun Erwin (198), Remi Rotthaus (220), Thomas Bainter (242), Jonathon Jarmon (UNL)
• Co-Rec: none

• Open: Rock, Chalk, and Big Harnesses

• Women: Steph Schumann
• Men: Seth Hampton
• Co-Rec: Steph Schumann and Will Denton

• Co-Rec: Frozen Stiff (B1), RSO-Arthys Team (B2), Phi Delt/Delta Gamma (C)

Climbing Wall
• Women: Ekaterina Avdeeva (Intermediate)
• Men: Jacob Smith (Advanced), Jonathon Feder (Intermediate), Riley Meuret (Beginner)

Pre-Season Flag Football Tournament
• Women: none
• Men:

Flag Football
• Women: none
• Men: (All-U Champs + Ind A), SigEp-Lopp Stars (Fraternity A), Farmhouse-Juniors (Fraternity B), Phi Delta Theta-C (Fraternity C), Dirth Luke and the Boys (Ind B1), Flying Squirrels (Ind B2), Team Ramrod (Ind C1), Foi-Loo (Ind C2), The Brohirrim (Res Hall)
• Co-Rec: Heath Erwin and Co. (A), Speckled Schmeckles (B1), Dicktators (B2), Esther's Crew White (C)

Football Pick-em (weekly)
• Open: Karan Rai (2x), Gary Kimminau, Paula Allen, Matthew Glantz, Natasha Billie, Adam Miller, Ron Miller, Jarred Vogel, Veronica Riepe, Eric Bloomquist, Erin Wacker, Chad Schultz, Adam Yankech

2-person Golf Scramble
• Women: none
• Men: Ky Molholm and Trevor Gnuse
• Co-Rec: Jami Melson and Jared Loschen

Indoor Soccer
• Women: Cottonheadedninimuggins (AB), Not 16 Anymore (C)
• Men: Beta Theta Pi A (All-U Champs + Fraternity A), SAE Gold (Fraternity B), Delt Freshmen (Fraternity C), Salchicha Sin Corazon (Ind A), Team Deutschland SHB (Ind B), PSP Sall McNally's (Ind C), Raymond FC (Res Hall C)

Obstacle Course
• Women: Suleima Garcia
• Men: Kyle Stevenson
• Co-Rec: Steph Schumann and Will Denton

• Open: Wade Hilligoss and Jake Burling

Placekicking Contest
• Women: Jessica Burow
• Men: Kyle Karcher
• Co-Rec: none

Punt, Pass and Kick
• Women: Chaeli Quandt
• Men: Christian Peterson
• Co-Rec: Chaeli Quandt and Brent Quandt

• Women: Sarah Spier
• Men: Daniel Hopper
• Co-Rec: Sarah Spier and Nicholas Pease

Rifle Shoot
• Women: Allison Seibel
• Men: Brian Burris
• Co-Rec: Allison Seibel and Samuel Wiarda

4-on-4 Sand Volleyball
• Women: Little Hoots (AB), Mathletes (C)
• Men: Kappa Sigma (All-U Champs + Fraternity A), SAE Seniors (Fraternity B), Phi Kappa Psi (Fraternity C), Sandy Slammers (Ind AB), Super Strikers (Ind C), Esther's Crew Red (Res Hall)
• Co-Rec: Speckled Schmeckles (A), Swat Team-DH (B1), Team Ty (B2), Team America (B3), Sets on the Beach-Brown (C1), Beta Theta Pi/A Phi (C2), Other Guys (C3)

Pre-Season Slow Pitch Softball Tournament
• Women: none
• Men: Diamond Rats

Slow Pitch Softball
• Women: RSO-Newman
• Men: SigEp-All House (All-U Champs + Fraternity A), Kappa Sigma-B (Fraternity B), Delta Upsilon (Fraternity C), Mangle Street Manglers (Ind B), Long Balls (Ind C)

Tennis Singles
• Women: Katie Black
• Men: Adam Zahradnik

Tennis Doubles
• Women: Alyssa Erickson and Laura Porath
• Men: Adam Zahradnik and Jamie Quinlan
• Co-Rec: Adela Chlumecka and Adam Zahradnik

Texas Hold’em
• Open: Quentin Skarin

• Women: none
• Men: Tuggernauts

• Women: Merica (All-U Champs), YES YES YES (AB), Safe Sets-JC (BC1), Safe Sets-KC (BC2), Nija Squirrels (C)
• Men: #Zrakem (AB), Kiss My Ace (BC)

From traditional (flag football, volleyball) to non-traditional (pitch, battleship) events, Intramural Sports provides organized sport activities in which students can socialize and compete with fellow Husker students. Intramural Sports is a program of UNL Campus Recreation, whose mission is to enhance the educational experience and promote lifelong wellness through excellent recreation programs, services and facilities. Intramural Sports directly contributes to the physical, social, and emotional wellness of UNL students.

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