Love Library hosts therapy companion dogs Oct. 14-16

Healing Heart Dogs
Healing Heart Dogs

Visit Love Library Oct. 14-16 to meet some very special dogs. The dogs and their human team members are volunteers from Healing Hearts Therapy Dogs. As certified therapy dogs, they must pass personality and obedience tests, love people, and remain calm around large groups of people in many different settings.
Monday, October 14th
2-4 pm in Room 111
Teams: Shirley Salber and Kaya (Pomeranian), Judy Boucher and Bernice (Chihuahua),
Sue Shearer and her lab/border collie mix, Lucy

Tuesday, October 15th
9-11 am Room 110
Teams: Gary Royal and Boo (medium mixed breed), Joy Blythe and Heidi (Golden Retriever), Randy Farmer and Tide (Lab/Boxer Mix)

Wednesday, October 16th
11-1 pm Room 111
Teams: Tammy Hanel and Barley (Goldendoodle), Tina Gaines and Tank (French Bull Dog)

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